Report on the"Medical Diagnostics-2019" and "Radiology-2019" organizing committee session (04.12.2018, Moscow) / News / eng

Report on the"Medical Diagnostics-2019" and "Radiology-2019" organizing committee session (04.12.2018, Moscow)

"Medical Diagnostics– 2019" Forum and National Congress of radiation diagnosticians and therapists “Radiology – 2019” organizing committee session took place in Moscow on Tuesday 4th of December (2018).

President of the Congress, Professor N.V. Nudnov declared that there has been established extremely high quantity of requests to conduct sessions of different schools and scientific meetings. It is very important to process all of the requests, get in touch with the moderators and prioritize there disposition in the Congress timetable. Reception of the applications will be closed on the 5th of December (2018) and it is a must that Congress and Forum members of the program and science redacting committee would end all the works on timetable planning till the next organizing committee meeting.

Chairperson of the program and science redacting committee, RAS academician, Professor N.S. Serova said that preliminary timetable is done. All program committee members and session moderators will look into all of the incoming requests and suggest final versions of meeting and school sessions until 10 December. Preliminary version of the Congress timetable will be available on no longer than till the end of December.

According to the “Medical Diagnostics – 2019” chairman of the working committee, RAS academician, Professor S.K. Ternovoy, registration on the Congress is still on. Full info on the price and terms is placed on the official website. Right now, it is known to be more than 700 people that are registered.

As told by Professor N.V.Nudnov there has been made a decision to provide posters (for the Congress session) only in paper form. Best poster authors will have the chance to perform an oral report during the poster session meeting.

Next organizing committee meeting is going to take place on 22nd of January 2019.