Address of Academician Ternovoy S.K. / Congress / eng

Address of the vice-president Serova N.S.

Dear Colleagues,

Our National Congress develops continuously. The are always more participants in section meetings and scientific schools, the poster session keeps extending. A number and quality of scientific papers submitted to the Young Scientist Award named after Yu.N. Sokolov grow. 
As a Chairman of Program and scientific and editorial committee of the Forum and Congress, I confirm that in the Congress of 2019 will present 18 directions of theses on actual areas of X-ray diagnostics. The papers will be accepted until the start of March. The rules are given on the page I would like to kindly remind you that the Congress participants having paid a full registration fee can publish 2 theses or 2 posters or 1 thesis and 1 poster for free.
For more accurate and timely work of the Program committee I ask you to send your theses beforehand. 
We are looking forward to receiving your theses!


Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
N.S. Serova